Fizix Solar’s mission is to make renewable energy reliable and affordable by redefining solar technology, using its patented Solar Watt-Peak shifting to Battery Watt-Peak. This flexibility is vital in space-limited applications like Electric Vehicles. Our groundbreaking Kinematic Charger (KC) replaces:

  • Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm for efficient solar charging

The KC not only replaces the need for multiple chargers but also eliminates the requirement for separate UPS devices and solar charge controllers, consolidating various functionalities into one compact unit.

By simplifying your tech inventory, KC significantly reduces e-waste, presenting a sustainable option in the face of growing environmental challenges.

Our Expertise

Electronics Solutions: Our team of seasoned experts is adept at crafting tailor-made electronics solutions to meet your unique needs and specifications.

Para-Series Technology

At the heart of our innovation lies Para-Series Technology. This groundbreaking advancement empowers us to design and produce exceptionally efficient and sustainable products that excel in performance and reliability across the solar PV, EV, solar pump

During the parallel cycle, the battery charges using solar PV energy, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly power source.

In the discharge phase, the LED Light operates in series, allowing efficient power delivery to the load.

The switching is done by a Spatial sensor (KC Switch).

a solar paneled solar paneled in a solar powered light bulb
a solar paneled solar paneled in a solar powered light bulb

Our Advantage

Our Mission

Half Size

Half Weight

Half Price

Reduce solar panel size, weight and price by half using our proprietary Kinematic Charger

Our Advantage


- Flexible

Smallest Flexible solar PV with built- in storage


- Innovation

Innovation & design Affordably


- Zero Carbon

World's most reliable zero-carbon electricity


- Integrated

Plug - n - play integrated futuristic technology


- Xenogenesis

Xenogenesis patented technology halves solar panel size


Electronic & Electrical Engineer

( Trainee Research Asst )

Cenobia Majella

Executive Director

Jacob K Mathew

Research Assistant

Jabez Davidson

Electronics Design Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Research Assistant

Kannappan Chettiar

Founder & Mentor

Nagavel Prabhu

Senior Cinematographer & Photographer


Mechanical Engineer

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Lead Finance & Admin

Tamizh Kanal

Electronic & Electrical Engineer

( Trainee Research Asst )

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